Would Kizz Daniel’s “One Ticket” Have Become A Hit Without Davido?

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Loads of impressive and beautiful songs have been released in 2018, ones that turned out to be instant hits, the ones that turned out to be “sleeper” hits and the ones that never got to be hits either instant or “sleeper”. But for those that became instant hits, 2 superstars; Kizz Daniel and Davido played their roles with “Baba” and “Assurance” respectively causing music fans to sing their hearts out.

Now both artists have joined forces to serve us a new single titled; “One Ticket” off Kizz Daniel’s forthcoming sophomore album, which is produced by Major Bangz. Here is my review of the song below:

First, the move by Kizz Daniel to feature Davido on the track was a very thoughtful one. I once saw the tracklist of the “NBS” album and I saw “One Ticket” seated at the number 4 spot of the 20-track album but then there was no Davido featured on it. It was just Kizz Daniel on the song, but days later I stumbled on a Davido tweet on Twitter that says himself and Vado are about to drop a song and that we will sing our hearts out. I was curious and decided to further run a check on the information because I never saw the OBO on the tracklist of “NBS” when it was released, it was then I discovered it is that track 4 song; “One Ticket” that now has Davido on. Although Kizz Daniel has never had a bad song which in turn meant this song would have done well even without Davido but it will be suicidal to underestimate the golden touch of Davido on a song even when the song is already a hit. Good Move Kizz! Very well thought out move to feature the OBO, it is definitely paying dividends.

Second, Davido’s verse on the song is a revelation of the reality of what can be called “relationship enslavement”. He talked about his girl all concerned about the goodies she gets from him and not how the relationship would move forward. His verse seems like fans’ favourite as many people that have listened to the song are in love with the part he said “Every time wire me money, hello baby have you sent it”, a line that surely reveals how a girl he is in love with is always asking for money and her benefits alone which quite frankly is what is going on in lots of people’s relationships. The OBO also added some back-ups in between the songs and also at the end which further added juice to the song. It’s a privilege to have you on the song.

Third, Kizz Daniel’s verse is as dope as he has always been on previous songs. The singer who has an amazingly sweet voice sang beautifully on the song and as expected created awesome rhythm and patterns on the song that even allowed Davido to easily thrive absolutely well on the song. He didn’t exaggerate his voice on the song but instead was very well calm, collected and composed. Two hands up for you Vado!

Fourth, for a Kizz Daniel and Davido combination; one would expect that the best and greatest or better still the current most trending of music producers will be consulted, but it seemed a Kizz Daniel and Davido collaboration does not require that as Major Bangz who although is a big name in the Industry but has lost his touch for some time now delivered an absolute classic sound production on the song. The mid-tempo beat graced beautifully alongside the other instruments to blend well with the vocals. Nice work Major Bangz!

In addition, Kizz Daniel’s “One Ticket” ft Davido is a song that has very well exceeded expectations as the reviews from all angles of the industry have been positive. It has also liberated many who in one way or the other have found themselves in a toxic relationship. The song is definitely an eye-opener. This jam absolutely is going to be a classic and a major banger. I am tipping it to be a very strong contender for song of the year.


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