Victor AD Contributed Largely To The Increase In Rituals With His Song “Wetin We Gain”

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Hello Everyone,

A young man known as “Emmanuel Kings” took to his Instagram page to share his thought about Victor AD‘s song “Wetin We Gain” and it’s negative effect on Nigerian youths.

According to him, the Motivational song has been wrongly consumed by Nigerians and it has led to the sudden increase in Ritual killings happening everywhere this days.

Below is what he shared on his page:-

Sincerely speaking, for the past 2 months now, there’s no single day without one News of Ritual killing with Organs removed or head missing 😰😰 God need to come to our rescue.

We agree with Emmanuel on his Statement and it’s so sad our Youths are so mean and can do anything just to get the Money, buy the Benz and look fresh.

The phrase “If we no buy the Benz, Wetin we Gain” is a new slang on the street and it’s been used recklessly by young boys who are supposed to still be in School studying hard to become great in life.

The Song actually has a good message but Criminal minded Nigerian youths actually got the message and channeled the message into their Evil ways and the result is the constant killings for Ritual means that we are currently experiencing in the country.



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