Police declareded John Lucky wanted

John Lucky, a motorcycle repairer and also motorcycle parts dealer whose shop is located at number 87 Old Abraka Road, Boji-Boji, Owa in Delta State has been declared wanted by the Nigerian Police.

According to reliable source, “On the 14th of March, 2014, John Lucky was working in his shop with his boys, when two strange guys came and said that they were looking for him, that their motorcycle had fault and that someone directed them to John Lucky who introduced himself to them and they pleaded that he should do a thorough check on the faulty motorcycle which he did.

After checking the motorcycle John Lucky told them the motorcycle parts he was going to use for the repair and they asked him if he has the motorcycle parts. I answered yes. They directed that he should carry on with the repair of their faulty motorcycle, that they were going to their bank to take money, after which they will come back to pay for the repair work and the motorcycle parts they bought. Unfortunately,they failed to come back to the shop for the payment.

Speaking further, the source said, “Aweek later, a man came to John Lucky’s shop and asked him if I has a motorcycle for sale. He told them no but, promised to take them to where they can buy.He said he needs a good motorcycle that was why he came to John Lucky’s shop, that one of his friends told him that John Lucky was the person who sold a good motorcycle to him when he needed one. He told him at the moment he arrived his shop that he was busy, that he should wait for him to finish what he was doing before he will accompany him to go and buy the motorcycle and he answered okay. But, after an hour he asked John Lucky who was the owner of the motorcycle in front of his shop and he answered that it belongs two young guys who brought it for repair but failed to pick it after the repairs, hence, it was packed.
He went closed to the motorcycle and started making calls. A few hours later, a group of people came and started fighting John Lucky. He was seriously beaten with injuries on his head before the police came and arrested him.
At the police station, the man stated that John Lucky killed his wife and her daughter, stole their motorcycle and packed it in his shop. John Lucky explained to the police that he was innocent but, no one believed him. He was asked to give the name of the two strange guys who came to his shop which he failed to do as he did not know them. He was remanded in prison. After two months in prison custody he fell sick because of the instructions given to the prison officers to beat him up, so that he will confess. Police came to his rescue by taking him to the hospital where he was admitted for one month.
However, it was reported, on the 10th July 2014 that John Lucky escaped while receiving threatment at the hospital. Reacting to the development, the Nigerian Police has Lucky John wanted, vowing to prosecute him any time he is caught.