Israel Abraham the sensentional goesple minister and a worshiper, who is also the founder of the Sebomai Worship Crew Int.based in Yola Adamawa State Nigeria.
Israel Abraham just released a single with the crew title THE SAME GOD..The song was birthed out of a deep intimacy with the Almighty in the place of prayer… Enjoy the vibes and feel d Glory of God from dis beautiful song.!

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Song arranged by the Sebomai crew and produced my EMMY..
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Har abada ya yesu na

You are the same today,yesterday
Har abada ya yesu 2x

The first time I met you in the Holy book
You said you love me dispired all my sin

The second time I met you in the Holy book
You said I should come
And you will wash me
You will restart me
You will remake me
You will forgive me of all my sin…
You gave me double portion thank you (echo)
You change my levels lord,I’m great full

You are the same today yesterday, har abada ya yesu na…(Repeat Chorus 4x)

You are the same yesterday
Same today
What you say
Is what you do
What you do
Is what you say
Miracle worker
Is your name
Elshadai is your name
Yeshua is your name
Elohim that’s your name
You’re the same yesterday same today hat abada ya yesu na….
You are the same today yesterday har Abada ya yesu na….

You are the same today
Ubangiji Iyayengiji
Sarkin duniya
Mai ceton duniya
Kai ne jiya
Kai ne yau
Had abada kai ne kai ne
Kuma komai kataka ya taku
Baba na…

You are the king of kings
And the Lord of Lords
God of Shiloh
You never change

Odionyedikagi 4x
Odionyedikagi 4x


Bawani kama da yesu
Bawani kama da yesu

All songs written and composed by Israel and the Sebomai crew….