A 38-year old man, Patrick Ayesan, has confessed in Court that he depended on his 18-year old daughter for sexual satisfaction and eventually impregnated her after he got separated from the girl’s mother.
The incident happened at Iguobasuwa in Okosa area, Ovia South-West of Edo State, where the suspect lives with his daughter after divorcing his wife.

The suspect, Ayesan, was arrested for having carnal knowledge of his daughter and impregnating her. And he made a confessional statement to the crime and thereafter charged to Court.

He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment while his daughter is currently with the State Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development.

This was disclosed by the Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Chidi Nwabazor, at the Police Command. He stated that the daughter became pregnant, the whole thing got exposed and was reported to the Police.

He said that the father, Ayesan, admitted and confessed that he had been sleeping with his daughter from early January 2020, adding that he did it whenever he had sexual urge and had done so severally.

DSP Nwabazor disclosed that the mother of the girl divorced him and he lived alone with his daughter which made it easy to molest her and eventually impregnate her.

“I only sleep with her whenever i feel my body move and I started sleeping with her early January this year. My wife is no more with me, so my daughter and I stay together alone. And I sleep with her whenever the urge comes.” Ayesan confessed.