Dj Freshhclifford biography

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Real Name / Full Name :Aisosa Ajayi
Nickname / Stage Name : DJ freshhclifford
Date of Birth : 11 July

Place of Birth: Lagos
Occupation(s) :Disk Jockey,Blogger,social media influencer,Djfreshhclifford entertainment

Matrital Status : Single
Role Model :Djwest da turntable spinner

Where he have worked :Ese international college,golden touch tutorial,Elvis bank investment,Dj whyt entertainment

What he cares About : Arts and Culture, Children,Economic Empowerment,Education.Environment and Human Rights

About Dj Freshhclifford

Ajayi aisosa otherwise called DJ freshhclifford is an professional Dj in the city of benin
He is without question, one of the most blazing DJs in the class of street bounce. Dj freshhclifford is especially a trailblazer and obstruction breaker. This Edo Born has been ready to cut a specialty for himself by putting out different blends and mixed tapes to improve his image. Till date, DJ Freshhclifford has gathered more than 2500 mixed tapes, which has coursed crosswise over various parts of Nigeria and Africa. His most prominent mixed tape was titled ‘Top songs in nigeria mix’; it included a weighty accumulation of prevalent Nigerian hit tunes.
Prominently known as the most freshest DJ in Benin, freshh has put in years sharpening and building up his art as a performing DJ.
Following the strides of some of his good examples Dj west and DJ whyt, DJ freshhclifford discharged a solitary in 2015, titled ‘wagba’ highlighting icewizblaze. He took after this up in 2016 with ‘MMG’, a joint effort with dezzy scarfex,
In december 2019, he drop another single title give them featuring ‘cute G’ the song was a hit then he decided to drop another hit featuring icewizblaze title ‘alert’ the music was a global wave in african not quite long again he dropped another hit title dance for me featuring kyoung and wizzy manny.
You can follow djfreshhclifford on social media with @Djfreshhclifford



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