COVID-19 vaccine in Nigeria: Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State say ‘I no need COVID-19 vaccine, nothing dey wrong wit me’

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Govnor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State for north central Nigeria say ‘I no need COVID-19 vaccine, nothing dey wrong wit me’.
Di Kogi State govnor statement wey e make for one live TV interview flood media across Nigeria on di same day President Muhammadu Buhari and im vice president, Yemi Osinbajo take di special prevention injection against coronavirus alias “Covid-19 vaccine”.
However, Governor Yahaya Bello don respond to query about whether im go follow di example of di presidency and oda state govnors to take COVID-19 vaccine on live TV.
Wetin Governor Yahaya Bello tok about COVID-19 vaccine in Nigeria?
Oga Bello say im no need to take di vaccine, say “nothing dey wrong wit me, I dey hale and hearty 100 percent”.
Di Kogi state govnor salute Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari for taking COVID-19 jab on live TV, say na welcome development but for him, e no need take di vaccine.
If I no dey ill, I no go take any vaccine”. Oga Yahaya Bello tok.
He reveal dis information for interview wit tori pipo for Channels TV on Friday
Wen di interviewer bin also ask if Gov Yahaya Bello go encourage di pipo of Kogi state to take di COVID-19 vaccine.
He say: “COVID-19 no be our business for Kogi State, we get more prominent issues or more serious matters wey we dey attend to for di State.
Insecurity, we don meet wit star colleagues and plenti odas. We meet disunity for ground and we don unite Kogi state today, no be COVID-19.
“COVID-19 na just a small aspect of wetin we dey deal wit for di State.
We bin get outbreak of Lassa fever and Yellow fever and we handle am without making noise about am.
We vaccinate our pipo against yellow fever, we encourage dem, we educate dem and dem feel di impact, because e affect some communities for Kogi Sate.”
“So If Federal goment dey gracious enough to give COVID-19 vaccine, we go collect am and sensitize our pipo ,
And anybody wey wan come out to take di vaccine fit come take am but I no go subject di pipo of Kogi State to vaccination and I no go make dem a guinea pig.”
President Buhari bin “recommend coronavirus vaccination to all eligible Nigerians so dat we fit dey protected from di virus” as im and di Vice President of di kontri, Yemi Osibanjo follow take di AstraZeneca vaccine for live television on Saturday, 6 March.
Nigeria President ask state goments, traditional and religious leaders across di west African nation to lead di mobilization effort to receive coronavirus vaccine within dia area of influence.



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